Cult Nails Evil Queen Shiseido Nocturne lip lacquer_6

How I wore it: Cult Nails Evil Queen

Constant rain gives me the feeling I live on a boat. Luckily, I don’t really live on a boat, I get this “sea leg” feeling pretty badly, you know, when you feel the waves going up and down in your legs while you walk on solid ground. Plus, I enjoy the constant sea spray wet face feeling for about a day in a very hot climate. Here, on the other hand, it feels like I’m back at scouts camp when stuff just wouldn’t dry and we slipped into moist jeans every morning.

These pictures were made when parts of Austria were flodded and everyone just had enough of the rain. I managed to find a short time frame when the rain stopped and it was just moist and humid and cold. So what does one do? Pick red nail polish for some cheer-up color!
Cult Nails Evil Queen Shiseido Nocturne lip lacquer_1

This is Cult Nails Evil Queen. It’s a medium red creme, but it dries as glossy as a jelly. I have recently developed a big love for reds, and this one is a particular beauty.
Cult Nails Evil Queen Shiseido Nocturne lip lacquer_2

I have felt very machty-matchy lately, so naturally I pared red nails with red lips, red shoes and a red cardigan. The lipstick is actually a lip lacquer from Shiseido, called Nocturne*. I think it is my favorite of the Shiseido lip products I received to try.
Cult Nails Evil Queen Shiseido Nocturne lip lacquer_3

The dress is from COS, one of the first purchases from COS I made, and a dress I’ve been wearing rather often. I paired it with a yellow/grey ruffian manikure here.
Cult Nails Evil Queen Shiseido Nocturne lip lacquer_4

The shoes are from My Chatelles. Best. Shoe. Purchase. Ever. So soft and comfortable to walk in, no matter if one wears socks or not. Plus this was the only store I found that had these perfect red shoes. On my wishlist are now: Oscar, Honoré, Lucien, Germain and Archille. Great, I really don’t have a shoe problem! The cardigan is from H&M, the earrings are made of nail polish, hence a perfect match! Plus I fit to the door behind me. Now tell me I’m not a matchy-match perfectionist….!
Cult Nails Evil Queen Shiseido Nocturne lip lacquer_5

*Thank you to the lovely Shiseido PR for the test lip lacquer! 

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13 thoughts on “How I wore it: Cult Nails Evil Queen

  1. Das Rot des Lackes sieht traumhaft schön aus und passt perfekt zu den Schuhen. Dein Outfit gefällt mir insgesamt sehr gut. :-)

    LG Petra

  2. What a lovely btightie! I love how it matches shoes! :) and this is a shade to wear both on gloomy days to add some colour, and during hot summer – like the one in St Peters now :) P.s. I hope you were not affected by the crazy floods…

    • no, luckily I wasn’t! But it will be a wet beautyfleamarket, the way it looks now :)
      Jealous of your great St.Petersburg weather!!! (and the vodka, but that’s a whole different topic :P)

  3. Every time I shop Cult Nails, I’m on the fence about Evil Queen, but it looks great on you- I might have to pull the trigger! Also, I think the matchy-matchy look is great here! :)

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