Ninja Polish Alexandrite, Eye Candy and Zultanite

Hope you all enjoy your (long) weekend! Today I have some Ninja Polish polishes to show you which I have been trying out over various colors other than black.

First up is Alexandrite. Its a fine glittery duochrome nail polish that can be worn alone if you’re willing to waste this beauty on layers, or it can be worn over other colors. The duochrome effect is very strong and evident on this one. It sparkles turquoise to purple, sometimes a bit pink, gold and blue too. I used one coat over MAC Peppermint Patti.
Ninja Polish Alexandrite_5
Ninja Polish Alexandrite_4Ninja Polish Alexandrite_3

I tried Alexandrite over various other colors, but I like it the best over mint. I also thought it looked cool over a vivid medium blue, such as essence shopping @ portobello road.
ninja polish alexandrite_essence shopping@portobello road_

With Eye Candy, I had some difficulties finding a good base color. It is a very colorful tiny glitter mix consisting of blue, purple, green, gold/orange, and most probably other colors, but that’s primarily what I see. Unexpectedly, I liked this best over purple (p2 cool plum)…. ninja polish eye candy_p2 cool plum_2
ninja polish eye candy_p2 cool plum_1

… and blue (p2 wintry blue). 

ninja polish eye candy_p2 wintry blue_2ninja polish eye candy_p2 wintry blue_1

 I’m a big fan of polishes with a gold-greenish color, so Zultanite looked the most fun to me from the beginning on. It has this unusual color shift from copper to olive but an intense golden glow (it is never, ever, brown.) I love colors like this! I decided to layer it over a similar base color – obviously the color shift is stronger if layered over black, but I think everything looks so alike if layered over black! – but it looks the most “natural” over Revlon Spanish Moss.
Ninja Polish Zultanite_Revlon Spanish Moss_1
Ninja Polish Zultanite_Revlon Spanish Moss_4
Ninja Polish Zultanite_Revlon Spanish Moss_5

Did you find any other layering combinations you could share? I’m always interested!

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7 responses to “Ninja Polish Alexandrite, Eye Candy and Zultanite

  1. Zultanite, I need you in my life!!!

  2. Wow, Alexandrite is stunning!

  3. Ooooo, I have wanted Alexandrite forever. So, so pretty. It does look really interesting over mint. Lovely swatches!

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