china glaze loves a beach stamped with essence color change polishes_!

How I wore it: China Glaze Love’s a beach

Get ready for some eye-searing uber-neonity! Today I am showing you one of the polishes I absolutely adore, but can’t look at too long: China Glaze Love’s a Beach.
China Glaze Love's a beach_1

What you see here (do look away every couple of seconds, for your retina’s sake), is a super pink neon shimmer polish.
China Glaze Love's a beach_2

It applies well, is neon, is pink, has shimmer. What more do I want? A matching lipstick. Oh, wait, I have one: Bobby Brown Neon Pink.
China Glaze Love's a beach_3

I also have sunglasses, just so you know.  And a matching ring with neon pink and neon yellow glass stones (from Pieces or something like it). Check out how that pink pops in the shadow! Amazing!
China Glaze Love's a beach_7
China Glaze Love's a beach_4

And of course, I have pink Converse, and this slightly big pink cashmere pullover (from Nice Connection, well, whatever, I didn’t choose their brand name). 
China Glaze Love's a beach_5

The pants are, as most of mine seem to be, from WE. So, either  I make a lot of advertising for WE, or I keep on wearing the same pants. You can pick :)
China Glaze Love's a beach_6

And last, but definitely not least, here’s a piece of very useful information for those of you that like stamping! The essence polishes of their color changing line are amazing for stamping. Thank you M. for telling me, I tried them all: they all stamp amazingly. And they do slightly change their color if you add topcoat! (all of the 4 available polishes stamped over Love’s a Beach, no topcoat added).
china glaze loves a beach stamped with essence color change polishes_!

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4 thoughts on “How I wore it: China Glaze Love’s a beach

  1. This looks great on you, perfect matching :) I really loved and wore a lot of this color last summer, and intend to do so this summer too, great shade but not as bright as some Chg neons. slightly more wearable ;)

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