KIKO 646_6

How I wore it: KIKO 646 Starry Black

Sand Style, Liquid Sand, Sugar Matte, Texture, and who knows what other names companies will come up with for gritty glitter. First we all hated it, now it’s the coolest thing in the world! Well, I’m not guilt-free, and I also jumped on the gritty matte bandwagon.
KIKO 646_2

I ordered some KIKO polishes with the help of nail polish friend K., and I felt like putting this black with silver glitter one on first. It is called Starry Black and has the number 646.KIKO 646_1

As the polish is rather monochrome, I decided to pair it with a black and white outfit. I chose white shoes from Dorothy Perkins – we call them Budapester, I don’t know if you call them that as well. They are pretty awesome and as I assumed they won’t be available long, I bought the same pair twice, just in case. This is my first pair, but I think they won’t survive many more seasons.
KIKO 646_3

The pants are from H&M, the blouse is from WE and the cardigan is from H&M too. I really liked the cardigan when I bought it, because of the nice lace inlay over the shoulders, but it somehow got broader, and now it looks a bit out of proportions. I hate it when clothes do that, I feel like I bough crappy quality.
KIKO 646_4

Well. Here’s my interpretation of a jump on the bandwagon. I didn’t really know what to do or how to pose, so this is what came out of this. Thank you B. for making me make a fool of myself, always fun! ;)
KIKO 646_5

The ring I’m wearing is super dangerous btw. It seems like a cute little rabbit, but the material has such sharp edges, I actually cut my finger with those murderous ears.
KIKO 646_6

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8 thoughts on “How I wore it: KIKO 646 Starry Black

  1. The polish is amazing! And the shoes…I love them! I’ve got similar ones, still in box, I bought them in the middle of the winter, when they were on sale and dirt cheap. I had a pair ast summer and I wore them all the time =)

  2. Der Nagellack ist super, auch wenn ich das Finish nicht mag, ein besonderer Hingucker ist aber der Ring <3 das mit dem H&M Teil kann ich total nachvollziehen, mich regt das auch immer total auf, deswegen versuche ich jetzt (so wie du) vermeiden solche Teile zu kaufen. Ich mag dein Outfit, deine Figur sieht wirklich toll aus darin <3 und das hüpf Foto ist einfach nur süß <3 (ich hoffe das waren jetzt nicht zu viele Herzchen, ich hatte einen Spritzer bei meiner Oma, da werd ich immer kitschig)

  3. LOL at your ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ pose! I love your How I wore it posts because most nail bloggers don’t do that, and it’s always great to see nailcolor in the context of an outfit!

  4. I don’t know how I missed this but I for one really love the fancy pose. It was hard work coming up with something unique and timeless. :)

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