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How I wore it: color club beyond

I’ve had it with this weather! And I’ve had it to complain about it! Why can’t I have nothing to complain about? :)
color club beyond_4

Anyhow. The weather explains the lack of me wearing holographic nailpolish, not that I wear it everyday, but it is fun to wear it in the sun. T. borrowed me her color club in beyond, which is an awesome charcoal (the closest a holo can get to black?) holographic polish.
color club beyond_5

Well, we have to make do with what we can! The above picture was taken out in daylight, but no direct sun. It’s still pretty awesome. Below I have some pictures for you that I took in the lightbox, with flash.
color club beyond_1
color club beyond_2

I must admit, this polish is awesome, and great fun to wear. I do love the look of black/dark grey holos! Just when I was trying to fix my hair (my hair-do usually dissolves randomly at the most unfortunate moments), the sun came out. So what does a good blogger do? Pretend this is a picture of my hair-do. I followed this tutorial [none] from this awesome person [no-one]. (and that is visible!)
color club beyond_8

The most beautiful thing is though, that the plants don’t all care if it is spring or winter. This bush in the background decided it was time to bloom, and so it did.
color club beyond_0

I’m wearing a pullover I bought last year (2011, not 2012), from WE, and I thought I would just wear it every now and then, because not exactly my style, but it is warm. Well, I’ve worn it every other week, and I like it more and more. The jeans are from WE too. I’m fairly certain I’m wearing some kind of t-shirt underneath, but as you don’t see it, it doesn’t matter that I forgot which one. Same goes for underwear and socks, in case you ever wondered.
color club beyond_9

These shoes were a sort-of-gift. I bought J. gloves, and he bought me shoes. It’s a bit more fun than as if I had bought myself shoes, and he would have bought himself gloves. It’s the little things. They are from Unisa (available at Humanic as far as I know, and most probably in a lot of other stores), 3 or 4 seasons back at least. In terms of make-up, the only “new” exciting think I’m wearing here is my lipgloss from Illamasqua in Belladonna. I’ve had it for a longer time, and I love it to bits. It stays on rather long, and it’s not sticky!
color club beyond_11

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3 thoughts on “How I wore it: color club beyond

  1. I think your sweater is really cute and goes nicely with Beyond! I feel your pain about the delayed spring…it’s certainly taking its sweet time coming to my corner of the world!

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