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How I Wore it: Zoya Tracie

Do you also sometimes want something to work really badly and then it doesn’t? I have it on a regular basis. Firstly, I was really looking forward to wearing Zoya Tracie. I love the soft green color, and the fact that it is not another light green creme.
Zoya Tracie color club_2

I also wanted to wear an accent nail. Figuring it would fit together nicely with Zoya Tracie, I chose color club Holiday Splendor as an accent.
Zoya Tracie color club_1

In effect, I didn’t like Tracie on me, and it looked awkward with Holiday Splendor as an accent nail, mostly because Holiday Splendor leans more towards turquoise.
Zoya Tracie color club_5

Also, a third thing that didn’t work that day, was my hair. I had just blow-dried it, and it does this tiger-mane thing, that I hate.  I like it better when it stops looking as if I just put my hand in a socket.
Zoya Tracie color club_3

Basically, the only thing that worked for me that day, was my outfit. I really liked it – I tried wearing a necklace over my blouse for the first time, and I think it looks fun. The necklace is a gift from my mum, it comes with a corresponing bracelet, but I think that’s a bit much to wear at once. The pullover is from GAP, the blouse is from de bijenkorf, the jeans are from WE.
Zoya Tracie color club_4

What do you think, should I give Zoya Tracie a second try, or just call it a day? And should I have paired this outfit with some polish that would fit the necklace better? I think so…
Zoya Tracie color club_6

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5 thoughts on “How I Wore it: Zoya Tracie

  1. Ich liebe das Outfit und bin froh mal Jeans zu sehen (Casual Friday? XD) – der Lack ist wirklich nicht so meins, ich würde ihm aber noch eine Chance geben. Deine Haare finde ich toll, kann dich aber verstehen. Meist mag man das was andere an einem wollen selbst nicht wirklich.

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