How I wore it: China Glaze Bend over backwards (and a gradient)

Do you know how J calls these How I Wore It posts? HIWI. Like Kiwi, if you’re a German speaker, or HIFI, if you’re an English speaker. Both versions sound absolutely ridiculous to my ears, so don’t be surprised if I will use this abbreviation soon.

Dear M sent me Bend over Backwards, one of the polishes from the China Glaze Cirque de Soleil collection. I had no desire to own this color, so I put it in my “to swatch – to go” box. I must admit, I was wrong to put it there. I thought this brick-red would clash with my skin tone, as it would be too orange.
China Glaze bend over backwards_1

I was wrong about the color, it is more of a auburn/red, with intense shimmer. It is also very flattering on my, I think, and so vivid, it made me happy to wear it. Especially as the day I wore it, it was raining, but it was ice cold and windy too, a very unfortunate combination!
China Glaze bend over backwards_2

Keep in mind what I just said about the weather and please disregard my stupid facial expression. It was really cold! I so desperately wanted to wear my new Banana Republic woolen pants in this awesome light grey shade, that I just decided to ignore the fact that it rained.
China Glaze bend over backwards_4

To match the pants I picked a red cardigan from H&M (one of the first items I bought in red, ever), a scarf I bought in China and a plain grey longsleeve from WE underneath. The ankle boots are from some outlet, they have maybe 5 cm heels, and work good with all my long trousers.
China Glaze bend over backwards_6

I was so smitten by Bend over Backwards, I decided to wear it another day, but differently. I tried a gradient, usingChG Bend over Backwards (as a base and closest to the cuticle), essie braziliant, Zoya Rica and China Glaze 2030.
China Glaze bend over backwards_essie braziliant_Zoya Rica_ChG 2030_3

I think the gradient turned out pretty cool. I was very proud of myself! In effect, it looked a bit as if I was wearing a tequila sunrise on my nails.
China Glaze bend over backwards_essie braziliant_Zoya Rica_ChG 2030_4

And because I felt so fancy wearing this gradient, here you have two super fancy artsy schmancy pictures of it in action. China Glaze bend over backwards_essie braziliant_Zoya Rica_ChG 2030_1 China Glaze bend over backwards_essie braziliant_Zoya Rica_ChG 2030_2

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15 responses to “How I wore it: China Glaze Bend over backwards (and a gradient)

  1. superschöner lack und die hose ist der wahnsinn!! : )

  2. I love this. This was the one polish from cirque du soliel that I loved. I love your gradient with it, it looks so summery. I’ve just recently discovered your blog and it’s my new favorite

  3. This shade looks really cool on you. I wouldn’t normally consider it but seeing it on makes me change my mind.That’s why I love these posts of yours (keep them coming please!) – seeing an entire outfit+hands(nails) gives a much better perspective as to how nail polish actually looks like versus only hand/nail shot.

    • I’ll keep them coming for sure – I agree with you, that’s why I started those posts!
      I didnt like the color at all in the bottle, but wearing it for a day changed my mind completely! :)

  4. Just found out about your blog and love the concept! love how you improved your mani – the gradient came out so nicely done :)

  5. Der Lack ist super! Bei der Hose bin ich mir noch nicht so sicher xD

  6. die gradient version finde ich super!!
    die hose ansich ist schön, trägt aber leider auf und versteckt deine tolle figur!

  7. Der Gradient gefällt mir richtig gut!

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