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How I Wore It: Orly Sea Gurl

The neon scarf is back! This time it accompanies Orly Sea Gurl.
Orly_sea gurl_1

I didn’t know if I should keep Orly Sea Gurl, as I have a thing for greys and silvers (and gold, pink and red, but let’s keep the obvious aside), and I have way too many. So what to do if I can’t decide? Wear it. 2 coats here.
Orly_sea gurl_2

I decided to pair this shimmering brushed aluminum color with an easy outfit, not too much color, so I picked a grey cowlneck sweater from WE. This pullover is actually nothing I’d pick; I don’t like the collar too much. I bought it because on our flight to India, we got stranded for a day in Amsterdam, without luggage, and we were dressed for an arrival in warm Mumbai, not for a regular November day in Amsterdam. So we had to find something warm (and cheap, because the money was saved for our holiday, not for being stuck in Amsterdam!) we could wear, in very little time, and this is what came out of this “shopping experience”.
Orly_sea gurl_4

The pants are from Mango I think. They are just plain black. The chelsea boots are from asos, my favorite buy this winter. I think I wore them every second day.
Orly_sea gurl_6

The neon striped scarf is from Esprit. I liked the airy and soft material so much, I bought a blue striped one too.  The earrings are self-made. I’m wearing a super dark aubergine lip pencil by __________ that I bought in Mumbai, I love the shade and it has amazing staying power. Let me just say how happy I am that the gloomy winter days will be over soon! I’m in need for some Vitamin D! 
Orly_sea gurl_8

And because you made it until here, let me reward you with one of the pictures I usually delete.Orly_sea gurl_9

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2 thoughts on “How I Wore It: Orly Sea Gurl

  1. You have maybe the best nail and beauty blogs I’ve seen. Some bloggers’ nail shapes don’t work; you have a set fit for a hand model. Also like your fashion pix. Keep it going!

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