Revlon Downtown_8

How I wore it: Revlon Downtown

You all know I have a thing for pink, and lime green, and lately red. But did I ever tell you my favorite finish? Shimmer, yes. But my second favorite then? It’s this metallic/foil thing that Zoya does so well, but I’d take it from any brand.

So understand my excitement when I received some Revlons in a swap that have a similar foily finish! I swatched them immediately, was super happy about them, put them in a drawer, and forgot. I actually didn’t wear any of them until recently, when I realized, I can’t just put stuff in drawers, I have to wear it! So there you go, Revlon Downtown.
Revlon Downtown_1

I picked Downtown first, because I don’t want to wear blues and greens to work, and it was weekend.
Revlon Downtown_3

Application wise, Downtown was great. It dried really quickly and I had no problems whatsoever. I used two coats for full coverage.
Revlon Downtown_2

 I don’t like dressing up all that much on the weekends, so I decided to just warp myself in a huge scarf that I got from Accessorize. I would have never paid regular prize for this, I’m cheap and I have patience until stuff is on sale.  (I even look like what I just said in this picture! Whaaat, not on sale?!)
Revlon Downtown_4

The skirt is from Uniqlo, the t-shirt is a dress from Oysho, but much too short for me, so I could only wear it as a t-shirt. The jacket is also from Oysho. It is super cozy and I love it to bits! The boots are a present from my mum. There’s nothing special to say about make-up, so I’ll be silent in that department.
Revlon Downtown_6
Revlon Downtown_5

    Do you also just want to relax on weekends?

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5 thoughts on “How I wore it: Revlon Downtown

  1. I understand what you mean about sales! I feel the same way. Unless I absolutely love something that I see – and I mean heart palpatations, going weak at the knees lol – I force myself to wait for a sale.

    I want to relax on weekends but unfortunately I work both Saturday and Sunday so no comfy jumpers and scarves for me :(

    Your post has reminded me that I own Downtown as well, I must wear it!

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