How I wore it: Revlon Downtown

You all know I have a thing for pink, and lime green, and lately red. But did I ever tell you my favorite finish? Shimmer, yes. But my second favorite then? It’s this metallic/foil thing that Zoya does so well, but I’d take it from any brand.

So understand my excitement when I received some Revlons in a swap that have a similar foily finish! I swatched them immediately, was super happy about them, put them in a drawer, and forgot. I actually didn’t wear any of them until recently, when I realized, I can’t just put stuff in drawers, I have to wear it! So there you go, Revlon Downtown.
Revlon Downtown_1

I picked Downtown first, because I don’t want to wear blues and greens to work, and it was weekend.
Revlon Downtown_3

Application wise, Downtown was great. It dried really quickly and I had no problems whatsoever. I used two coats for full coverage.
Revlon Downtown_2

 I don’t like dressing up all that much on the weekends, so I decided to just warp myself in a huge scarf that I got from Accessorize. I would have never paid regular prize for this, I’m cheap and I have patience until stuff is on sale.  (I even look like what I just said in this picture! Whaaat, not on sale?!)
Revlon Downtown_4

The skirt is from Uniqlo, the t-shirt is a dress from Oysho, but much too short for me, so I could only wear it as a t-shirt. The jacket is also from Oysho. It is super cozy and I love it to bits! The boots are a present from my mum. There’s nothing special to say about make-up, so I’ll be silent in that department.
Revlon Downtown_6
Revlon Downtown_5

    Do you also just want to relax on weekends?

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5 responses to “How I wore it: Revlon Downtown

  1. I understand what you mean about sales! I feel the same way. Unless I absolutely love something that I see – and I mean heart palpatations, going weak at the knees lol – I force myself to wait for a sale.

    I want to relax on weekends but unfortunately I work both Saturday and Sunday so no comfy jumpers and scarves for me :(

    Your post has reminded me that I own Downtown as well, I must wear it!

  2. Ohhh I love that scarf! Such an awesome colour! I’m with you about sales!

  3. Love your outfits and the nail color. That long jacket is so cute. And the scarf is adorable.

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