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How I wore it: color club fame and fortune

I try to wear my polishes based on brand diversity. So when I pick an OPI one day, I’ll try to pick another brand the next day, and that’s when I realized I hadn’t worn color club fame and fortune in, like, forever.

color club fame and fortune_1

I decided to try to wear it on its own. That works for me – I used three coats, which was necessary, because the base color is a rather sheer red jelly, so visible nail line is to be expected. Luckily, the glitter shreds cover up some of that.

color club fame and fortune_2

Fame and Fortune was very glittery and sparkly. You can see how it looks in indirect light in my lightbox, so imagine how it looked under office light!

It was really, really cold that day, so instead of taking my coat off, I decided to just open it. Sorry for that. I was wearing a dress from Benetton, which has a color that can’t really be determined: it’s somewhat blue, but then it looks black again… do you know what I mean?

color club fame and fortune_7

The scarf is from H&M, they had a Marimekko cooperation some years back. I love the pink and orange combination, it is so happy! The coat is a present from another M.!

color club fame and fortune_8

The earrings are from a cute little shop in the first district, next to MAK. I totally forgot the name… I’m getting old. The boots are from Amsterdam. How awesome are pink boots!!

color club fame and fortune_5

For the face, I used the usual. Chanel Mascara, Inglot foundation and blush, and this time I picked Chanel Rose Dentielle for my lips. I love it because it looks as if I don’t wear lipstick, but as if I naturally looked awesome. Plus it smells nice.

color club fame and fortune_1 (1)

These are my keys. This is useless information, but I don’t know what else to say anymore. Oh, true, I forgot to mention that I really loved fame and fortune until I removed it, because that took forever (aka it felt as if it took 5 hours).  

color club fame and fortune_4

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