YSL duo07 brown_fingerpaints flashy_2

Sunday Spam: flakies or flakes

I never know which word is better for this kind of polish: flakies or flakes? There are small flakes in the polish, yes, but flakies just sounds cuter. Any opinion on that?

Anyhow, this Sunday I am showing you combinations of flak(i)e polishes. I hope you like them! Let me know your favorite. I’ll tell you mine at the end!

nails inc it girl over Nubar Geisha Blaze. One of the subtler combinations, as the flak(i)es don’t become mutinous and take over the base color. Flak(i)e color: blue.Nubar Geisha Blaze_nails inc it girl_2Nubar Geisha Blaze_nails inc it girl_1

Fingerpaints flecked over OPI Suzi loves Cowboys (so do I, since I started watching Justifiiiiieed. Howdy dear Mr. Olyphant, whom I don’t understand, but enjoy tremendously to look at!). Flak(i)e color: green to blue.OPI suzi loves cowboys_fingerpaints flecked_2OPI suzi loves cowboys_fingerpaints flecked_1

The famous Nfu-Oh 51 over OPI Suzi&the 7 Düsseldorfs.  Absolutely gorgeous in the bottle, and the bottle itself too, but somehow not my style. Still pretty to look at – it looks different every time. Flak(i)e color: orange to green to blue.OPI Suzi&the7Düsseldorfs_NfuOh 51_4OPI Suzi&the7Düsseldorfs_NfuOh 51_3

essie shine of the times over Nubar Iris Dust over OPI The color of Minnie. I don’t know if the layering of a duochrome under a flak(i)e polish enhanced the flak(i)e effect, but I think so because THIS IS GORGEOUS! And the flak(i)es are so dense! flak(i)e color: orange to gold to green.OPI The color of Minnie_Nubar Iris Dust_essie shine of the times_3OPI The color of Minnie_Nubar Iris Dust_essie shine of the times_1OPI The color of Minnie_Nubar Iris Dust_essie shine of the times_2

Fingerpaints flashy over the brown creme from the YSL duo 07 (the other is a stunning pistachio that I used here).  flak(i)e color: orange to green.YSL duo07 brown_fingerpaints flashy_1 YSL duo07 brown_fingerpaints flashy_2

My favorite is, by far, essie shine of the times. Maybe it’s the combination with Nubar Iris Dust? I don’t know, but this was such a stunning manicure!

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7 thoughts on “Sunday Spam: flakies or flakes

  1. I like the second combo best but I love them all. My favorite layering combo of all time is Zoya Frida & Chloe. You can find it on my blog if you’re interested. Thanks for the lovely photos!

  2. Wow! I LOVE the combination of Fingerpaints Flecked and OPI Suzi loves Cowboys. Not a pairing I would have thought of on my own but they do look so gorgeous together! An amazing contrast.

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