ANNY Ocean Blue_ChG Shower together3

ANNY Ocean Blue vs. China Glaze Shower together


Just a quick comparison post for you today – ANNY Ocean Blue versus my long time lemming China Glaze Shower together.

ANNY is a brand much easier accessible to us Austrian nail polish lovers. They have received quite some attention with their beautiful deep red polish The answer is love. I decided that this looked very close to China Glaze Shower together, one of my favorite medium ocean blues. Shower together has a bit of a teal-ish look depending on how the light hits, and the formula is just great.ANNY Ocean Blue_ChG Shower together3

Can you tell which one is which? The picture above is made in sunlight, the picture below shows the tealish side of Shower together a bit better – it was made inside, under a regular lamp light. Shower together is on my pinky and ring finger. ANNY Ocean Blue_ChG Shower together1

In the flash light you can tell them apart if you know what to look for, but the ANNY polish is holding up very well. In terms of formula, I preferred the China Glaze, but it was only marginally better to apply than the ANNY polish. I think we might have two polishes so close, that we could call them dupes!ANNY Ocean Blue_ChG Shower together2

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