OPI DS Mystery_5

How I wore it: OPI DS Mystery

Look who’s going to work! Your favorite blogger (and if I’m not, please don’t tell me.)!

I had to cut down my nails a bit again, so I decided to wear something dark. And I hadn’t worn OPI DS Mystery in such a long time, it was screaming for attention. I finally gave in, even though I was told that this is not the way to properly raise your children nail polish bottles.

Enough of me blabbing, this is OPI DS Mystery. 2 coats of it, to be precise. DS Mystery is a dark jelly polish filled with gold/copper flakes. I have read that some people find the base to look purple, but mine looks dark blue. I assume this is one of the polishes that look a bit different according to your skin tone.OPI DS Mystery_1

It was a bit early when those pics were taken, but due to the fact that it is winter, I can’t take pictures when I come home from work, because it gets dark right after lunch (that is what I feel like at least). I’m super happy with my make-up, because it makes me look 150%more awake than I actually am. OPI DS Mystery_3

Make-up: I’m wearing the same as always, more or less: foundation from Inglot, eyebrow  thingy also from Inglot (it’s an eyeshadow that I use for my brows), blush also from Inglot. My mascara is from Chanel (it’s pretty awesome), and the lipstick is YSL Rouge pour Couture 41. OPI DS Mystery_5

And, what am I wearing? Winter work clothes. The blazer is from Stefanel, the scarf from pieces, the dress is my favorite dress from Uniqlo, that J. brought me from one of her shopping trips to London – and it fits perfecty -, the belt is from GAP and the shoes I have no idea. Considering how I usually shop, they are from some outlet shopping thing.OPI DS Mystery_2

Well, I hope you still like my how I wore it posts, because they are the worst to do in winter! I feel like I’m cooling down to the inside temperature of my fridge in seconds, so you better appreciate my self-sacrifices :)OPI DS Mystery_4


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5 thoughts on “How I wore it: OPI DS Mystery

  1. Das Outfit ist echt schön, vor allem die Strumpfhose mit den Dots bringt ein bisschen Abwechslung rein. Ich mag auch die Farbe des Lackes, sieht sehr edel aus. Aber, was mir am besten gefällt, ist dein Lippenstift <3 große LIEBE! (aja die Chanel Mascara, falls es die Intimitable ist, hab ich auch, die ist echt awesome!)

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