Peripera P026_2

the cat strikes again

I already showed you one peripera polish, but I didn’t want to withhold the other ones I have any longer!

This one has the beautiful sounding name P016. It is a light green that is interspersed with silver glitter particles, which one hand gives it a very metallic look but also a somewhat dusty look. All in all, not a very vibrant, but a very decent and beautiful green. I used two coats. peripera P016_3peripera P016_1

peripera P026 is my favorite peripera. It is a barbie pink shimmer polish, with an intense gold shimmer that looks lime green in certain angles. It looks a bit like Zoya Happi – only P026 is the pimped version. I used two coats.Peripera P026_2Peripera P026_1

What’s your favorite peripera?

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