Chanel Malice_2

The malice frenzy


Today I quickly want to show you two Chanel polishes I bought within the last half year and don’t regret buying. I never really had Chanel polishes on my radar (even Chanel Jade seemed not that interesting to me) but with the introduction of Mimosa, I decided to follow Chanel polish releases. So slowly, my Chanel collection is growing!

Chanel Malice was released this winter. At least in Austria it was sold out in a heartbeat. Chanel Malice_1

It is a beautiful ruby red, including the shimmer that makes it look so deep. It’s a very sexy color, I can absolutely understand it was sold out so quickly. I used two coats.Chanel Malice_2

Chanel Frenzy was released in summer or early fall I think – it slipped my mind. Frenzy is not really a color that lives up to its name if you ask me.
Chanel Frenzy_1 I didn’t know if I should buy it at first, but I saw it on a friend, and it looked so easy and simple on her, I figured I would try it too. I’m very happy with this purchase, especially because it is less pink than OPI My very first Knockwurst, so I can easily switch between the two. I used two coats.
Chanel Frenzy_2
Anything on your Chanel wish list?

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8 thoughts on “The malice frenzy

  1. I don’t like Chanel as a brand and I don’t own any of their products nor do I plan to. I almost bought Malice as it is truly lovely colour. I do like that they have nail polish testers so I have swatched Malice and found that it is so very similar to China Glaze Short & Sassy that I don’t need it. But it is a very beautiful colour.

  2. Wünsche mir derzeit nichts von Chanel, habe aber beide Lacke wie du weißt und bereue den Kauf auch kein Stückchen <3 Frenzy ist mein allerallerallerliebster Alltagslack!

  3. Zum Glück habe ich mir Malice sofort geschnappt, als ich ihn in einem Douglas entdeckt habe… Leider habe ich gestern Bilder von Chanel Azuré gesehen und nun möchte ich ihn auch… außer er sieht CG Deviantly Daring sehr ähnlich, dann kann ichs sein lassen :D

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