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How I Wore It: a england Holy Grail

The least exciting about this post is the story how I got a england Holy Grail. I had thought about investing in a england polishes for some time, but they hadn’t fully convinced me yet – mainly the price of GBP 9,00 and the fact that most of them were so dark and unwearable for work had put me off. So when I realized that Holy Grail, the only one I knew I had to have, was discontinued, I decided to wait no longer and ordered it.  It is a bit of a historic moment, because it is the first time I ordered only one polish.

So here it is, how I wore the (old) Holy Grail! I didn’t like it much in the bottle, surprisingly, but on the nail it is amazing. I used two coats.aengland holy grail_4

I look a bit stupid in most of these pictures, but it was so cold! I just quickly slipped off my jacket, but I was basically frozen in 30 seconds. aengland holy grail_2

The dress is a bit too large by now, but I still like the design. I had it made after a sketch I drew. It has cap sleeves, but the cloth is very warm. The scarf is from Anokhi, and it has golden thingies (coins?) at the edge, so the blue and yellow gold combination fits!aengland holy grail_1  I was wearing a nude lipgloss from tarte that day and the other regular make-up stuff I use: Inglot blush, foundation, eyebrow pencil and my beloved Chanel mascara. Nothing special but reliable basics!aengland holy grail_3  This is my favorite aspect of Holy Grail: It’s an exact color match for my boots! How much of a coincidence is that?! aengland holy grail_5

You can order a england polishes directly through their website!

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4 thoughts on “How I Wore It: a england Holy Grail

  1. Du bist meine Heldin, mir wird schon kalt wenn ich den Post nur sehe. Finde den Lack an dir ausgesprochen hübsch und passend, vor allem cool dass er zu den Stiefeln passt! So und nun zieh dir was an,Kindchen!

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