OPI The color of Minnie_Nubar Iris Dust_2

Sunday SPAM: Nubar

In my list of most underrated nail polish brands, Nubar ranks no 3.  Number 1 is BB Couture. Number 2 is so underrated, even I forgot. I’m very sad to see a great brand not getting the attention it deserves – Nubar is almost unknown to Austrian nail polishers!

Anyhow. Nubar Iris Dust, a stunnig raspberry to gold duochrome – 1 coat over OPI The color of Minnie. I had the best success layering duochromes over polishes with a similar basecolor. I’m not such a lover of duochromes, especially the green to purple ones, but I do love this, as it is a bit more subtle!OPI The color of Minnie_Nubar Iris Dust_2

Nubar Geisha Blaze, a blue-toned medium pink. It is very vivid. Quite a stunning color, and executed perfectly. This is two thin coats – the application was easy and flawlessly.
Nubar Geisha Blaze_11

Nubar Honeysuckle seems to be a regular medium candy pink, and it is. So why should you choose this one? The formula is amazing, and it dries so glossy that you don’t even need a topcoat.Nubar Honeysuckle_1

Nubar Tea Rose petal is another ‘regular’pink, but it is more blue toned than Honeysuckle. Again, it dries amazingly glossy. I also love this slight hint of a blue shimmer.Nubar Tea Rose Petal_2

Nubar Star Dust is another amazing duochrome. It changes from a warm gold/bronye to a deep shimmery red. I layered this over OPI The color of Minnie, which is basically red (don’t stone me for only saying red…). I love this so much, I have to show you three pictures! This is only one coat.OPI The color of Minnie_Nubar Iris Dust_1Nubar Tea Rose Petal_Nubar Star Dust_2Nubar Tea Rose Petal_Nubar Star Dust_3

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