Your weekly dose of Holo: Jade Mystic Gold

I’m very sorry that I kept all the holographic saturday post from you so long. There’s barely any sun inbetween the snowy Vienna January days, so I figured it would be a waste to wear holos. I must admit that I also didn’t realize that it would be possible to just make pictures with flash in my lightbox…. So when I received some Jade holographic polishes that I asked my friend B. to order for me I couldn’t wait any longer.

What you must know is that my taste in holographic polishes is pretty much the same as in all other polishes: they’re fine as long as they are green, yellow and, of course, pink. Today I will therefore show you Jade Mystic Gold!

To show the base color, this picture is taken in my lightbox with indirect light.Jade Mystic Gold_1

For the next pictures, I used flash. It is really a lot of fun to use flash in a lightbox because the flash lights up all the reflecting (aka holographic) particles, and for a second it looks as if the nails are struck by lightening.Jade Mystic Gold_2

Technicalities: I used two thin coats over a england Holy Grail (Old version). Perfect base color match! You can buy Jade nail polishes from Ninja Polish.Jade Mystic Gold_3 Jade Mystic Gold_4 Jade Mystic Gold_5

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6 responses to “Your weekly dose of Holo: Jade Mystic Gold

  1. I thought about getting this one so often.. but I don’t think that it’s the right colour for me. It’s gorgeous on you though. And you can also get them at Llarowe (not only at Ninja Polish)!

    • Gold is difficult to wear I think! Especially those warm tones.
      And yes, you can get them on llarowe too! But I’m biased towards ninja polish, because I know the ladies behind the store :))))

  2. I don’t think gold goes well with my complexion, but this shade combined with the holo effect is seriously pretty!

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