catrice NEONaturals makes me smile1

catrice NEONaturals LE

Today I’m showing you a collection from Catrice called NEONaturals. I have absolutely no idea what the thought was behind this collection; it seems random in time of the year and choice of color. Nevertheless, here it is.

be naturally crazy is a sheer white with a hint of blue micro glitter. It really is only a hint of blue in there; it doesn’t transfer on the nail that well. This is 3 coats! (hideous, if you ask me.)catrice NEONaturals be naturally crazy1

makes me smile is a metallic polish between silver and gold. It covered very well, almost in one coat, and it is very shiny. No brushstroke issue here either – I liked this best. 2 coats.catrice NEONaturals makes me smile1

bright brighter brightest is a creme pink. It’s pretty much the same pink essence and Catrice bring out every other LE, which is an action that would contradict it’s name, as it is the opposite of bright. But hey, we can’t have everything. 2 coats.catrice NEONaturals bright brighter brightest_1

for bright guys is a creme egg yolk colored polish. I love yellow, but these warm yellows better stay far away from me! It dries to a somewhat satin finish, and I needed three coats to get this to look acceptable. I assume it’s because eggs are for eating, not to be worn on nails.  3 coats.catrice NEONaturals For bright guys_1

Have a good day is a grey creme polish – it has some shimmer in the bottle, but that also stays there. I used two coats, it is a very decent grey, if you don’t have one yet, and this is easily accessible to you, it’s worth the money (but not more than that). I prefer KIKO greys, but you can’t buy KIKO everywhere! 2 coats.catrice NEONaturals Have a good day_1

little miss sunshine is a sheer patchy yellow with yellow flakes in there that add some sparkle. It had, as is the tradition with yellows, the worst application. Also, it looks very different in different light. It’s a fun polish, but I’m spoiled by yellows with better formulas, so it’s not really a winner in my books. 3 coats.Catrice NEONaturals Little Miss Sunshine_6Catrice NEONaturals Little Miss Sunshine_9

mr. brightsight is a coral creme polish, it had the most visible satin finish. I am not fond of corals in combination with my skin tone, but this is a great nail polish for toes in the summer. 2 coats.catrice NEONaturals Mr Brightsight_1

it’s partner, mrs. brightsight, is the most neon of the bunch. It is a color somewhere between pink and red, and it is very vivid. Somehow it was a bit more sheer than the other creme polishes, and I ended up using 2 and a half coats. It had the best application though.catrice NEONaturals mrs brightsight_1

on the bright side of life is a vivid aubergine purple. It looks a bit lighter in the bottle than it is on the nail. It is a great color for autumn and winter, I think. 2 coats.catrice NEONaturals On the bright side of life_1

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5 thoughts on “catrice NEONaturals LE

  1. Great swatches!
    I have all six neons and all six neutrals. Recently I began swatching the neutrals and gave up after two of them. I really hate the one in your first picture. Wat a crappy formula. And it is not going to be opaque in this lifetime :/
    I really like the metallic one, so maybe I’m gonna give them another try on of these days.

    Oh and the neons are not the neon that I expected them to be. As you said there’s one that really IS neon.

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