essence with x's and o's

essence hugs & kisses TE

Today I want to show you the newest essence Trend Edition, Hugs & Kisses. Most anticipated were the glitters in this collection – were you excited for them too?

I’ll start with the cremes to build up anticipation! Love it or leave it was by far my favorite. It’s a green creme, whereas the green leans a bit lime. So, for the sake of over-describing, this would be a chartreuse lime creme polish. It covered well in two coats, but I own similar greens with better formula. It was a bit annoying when it comes to leveling out, so I used a generous second coat to prevent a third one. Worked alright.essence love it or leave it

The biggest surprise of this collection was the red creme, Save your kisses for me. I have never seen essence produce a red creme. So unique. N-O-T. 2 coats.essence save your kisses for me

Sugar Baby Love is your rather standard pink creme polish. I have very little to add to that: 2 coats.essence sugar baby love

With X’s and O’s is a lavender pastel creme, which was surprisingly pretty. I prefer lavender cremes to be a bit on the dirty side, not straight up lavender, but it is pretty nonetheless. Very fitting for spring! 2 coats.essence with x's and o's

Now, onto the glitters! Crazy in Love (shown here over Givenchy Acoustic Purple) is a purple with holographic hearts glitter topper. It is very dense, and one doesn’t have to fish the hearts. I used one coat.essence crazy in love over Givenchy acoustic purple

Dreams for sale (shown here over Deborah Lippmann Let’s hear it for the boy) is a mix of differently sized iridiscent glitters in a clear base. I love iridiscent glitters, but the formula was gooey and it all ran towards my tips, so it looked like a big drip of clear nail polish on my tips. Euh.essence dreams for sale over DL let's hear it for the boy

More than words (shown here over essence with X’s and O’s) is the sister of Dreams for Sale – it has iridiscent and pale rosé glitters of different sizes mixed in a clear base. This one was the most annoying to apply, it was super thick and goopy. I didn’t like this much.essence more than words over essence with x's and o's

Sunshine and red roses (shown here over essence Skyscraper) consists of red and holographic mini-glitters mixed with red hearts in a clear base. I generally like the hearts, but these wouldn’t lie flat on the nail. I liked the idea of this glitter topper better than it looked in reality.      essence sunshine and red roses over essence skyscraper 

What’s your verdict?

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7 thoughts on “essence hugs & kisses TE

  1. Am schönsten finde ich die Kombi von “Dreams for Sale” mit dem blauem Lack (du weißt, ich liebe blau). Ich hatte mit More than Words dieselben Probleme wie du, ist er mal oben sieht er recht nett aus, aber das lackieren war der reinste Horror

  2. Someone on Plop got the red duo for me because it’s not going to be released in Italy. I will grab the rest hopefully on Saturday. Not sure I need the base colours though. I like them but they are not at all original. I might have enough of the glitters. I will forget they are a pain to apply ;)

  3. I was quite inspired by the glues from the promo pics, but in reality I only liked the red one with hearts. All the rest is just cute, but not enough to buy them. But thanks for showing!! :)

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