so glittery, so green – deal with it!

In the nail polish world, most questions are black and white, as a counterpart to all the nail polish colors. One of the black and white questions is, are you a Cultie, or are you not. I myself do love some Cult Nails polishes, but I can’t really picture myself as a Cultie of any kind of Cult. I much prefer to say that I am a fan of Cult Nails nailpolishes, and especially this one. deal with it. (pun intended)

I actually ordered this polish from Cult Nails and also received it in a swap from my friend M., who knows my weakness for a pretty green, especially with a golden shimmer. I’m wearing this polish on my toes, constantly, without tipwear, for over a month now (I should change it, I know, but my feet are just so far away…!).Cult Nails Deal with it_1

It is, by far, the most amazing green I own.  That’s actually not true. Let me rephrase. It is the most amazing green of this tone of green that I own. Deal with it is almost neon, that’s how vibrant it is. Application wise was this the best Cult Nails polish I have. The first coat is disappointingly sheer, but the second coat reassures you, that this is a great polish.  The shimmer transfers very well from the bottle to the nail, maybe Chanel should take some lessons in polish making from Maria (the owner of Cult Nails)?Cult Nails Deal with it_2 

As I wore this on the weekend, I was free to add as many glitters as I felt like. I recently re-discovered my love for glitter gradients, so I decided to go for that.  I just loosely painted over Deal with it, starting from the cuticle area, and dabbing on more glitter closer to the cuticle area, fading out towards the middle of the nail. I used Cult Nails Happy Ending, a shredded glitter (there’s a dupe from ICING, which bled like crazy!), China Glaze Marry a Millionaire (bar glitter) and China Glaze Snowglobe, which is iridiscent glitter, so I put it on last.Cult Nails Deal with it_Cult Nails Happy Ending_ChG Marry a Millionaire_ChG Snowglobe_1 

I love the look of it – it reminds me of an overly happy flowerbed on a super green lawn. What do you think?Cult Nails Deal with it_Cult Nails Happy Ending_ChG Marry a Millionaire_ChG Snowglobe_2

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2 responses to “so glittery, so green – deal with it!

  1. J sah das gerade und meinte nur “wow” und ja, ich finde es auch toll! Bin für mehr Farbe im Leben! Werde ich sicher auch so nachstylen, aber vielleicht nicht mit grün sondern mit orange oder blau.

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