Ninja Polish Howling Blue Moon_5

Ninja Blue Moon

Today I want to show you a nail polish that my friend B. lent me to swatch. I didn’t feel the need to own this polish, because I can’t really wear it – it’s too bright, too glittery and it glows in the dark, three good arguments against wearing this at work. So I borrowed it to see it in reality and maybe change my mind.

Ninja Polish has produced various polishes lately that have been received with quite some furore in the nail polish community. Howling Blue Moon is one of them. I used two coats for this manicure – they went on easily, the only thing is that you have to fish for the moons. Ninja Polish Howling Blue Moon_1

The polish is very very blue, not at all decent or quiet, but very extroverted and present. It is filled with tiny holographic and silver glitters, which add to the sparkle.Ninja Polish Howling Blue Moon_2

I personally do not care for the moons, also, if you can’t put them between layers, they have their own agenda (see my pinkie for proof!).Ninja Polish Howling Blue Moon_3

Well,  as I said, the fun starts when you charge this polish under some light! It glows in the dark, but not “normally” greenish, but blue! And very intensely at that.Ninja Polish Howling Blue Moon_4 Ninja Polish Howling Blue Moon_5

Are you as crazy about blue glow in the dark polishes as I am?

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