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essence TR Snow Jam

Today I don’t only have the new-ish essence Snow Jam Trend Edition for you, but also a rather comprehensive comparison. When I saw the colors, I was thinking, yay, same old colors again, but then I decided to check if I really had dupes for them all. I was quite surprised by the outcome of my comparison…!

Let’s start with essence top of the ice stream. What I see is a sheer boring jelly-ish white with blue shimmer, that basically never manages to be opaque and one that will always look as if all the color ran to my tips and dried there in one big ugly blotch. I used three coats.essence snow jam on top of the ice-stream_1

What I thought: I must have at least three million dupes from essence alone.
What I came up with: zero.
Compared here are:
essence frosted champaign – essence top of the ice stream – essence sparkling water lilywhite with shimmer comparison

essence goofy blue – I figured this would be the same as China Glaze Rainstorm, only with glassflecks in there. I used two coats, and this is definitely one of the most beautiful periwinkle polishes I own. It radiates calm.essence snow jam goofy-blue_1

What I thought: I must have at least ten million dupes for this. I love periwinkle after all.
What I came up with: zero exact matches.
Compared here are, from left to right:
OPI I don’t give a Rotterdam – essie smooth sailing – Zoya Skylar – essence goofy blue – China Glaze Rainstorm – essence I’m bluetiful – Zoya Jo  – H&M Peppermint Fusion – essence blues of being cool periwinkle blue comparison

My least favorite are always the purples (and those ugly peach colors, and browns) – lilac is my style – not. Well, it is a very vivid color, one that you would expect girls in their teenage years to wear in the form of super cool and hip skiing jackets with matching helmets and skis/boards. I’m certain that many of you will love this purple, just not me. essence snow jam lilac is my style_1

What I thought: essence has done this color before. What was it called again? 
What I came up with: Oh wow, I really don’t like this color. I have very few warm purples like this!
Compared here are, from left to right:  
Joe Fresh Violet – SpaRitual Heliotrope – KIKO 316 – Finger Paints Raspberry Tafetta – Orly Frolic – IsaDora Persian Princess – essence break through –  essence lilac is my style – wet’n’wild Through the Grapewine – catrice Bird of Paradise – flormar 441 – IsaDora Pure Purple – Zoya Carlywarm purple comparison

Last but not least, my favorite of the collection, Life is a freeride (although I dispute this connotation, life is generally neither free, nor a ride). It’s a beautiful medium blue, which is vivid and shines from within. I detect the slightest hints of green in this polish, but that may be mainly due to the effect the microglitter has. Two coats, but honestly, one can get away with one.essence snow jam life is a freeride_1What I thought: duh, I love this color, let’s find the dupes.
What I came up with: Oh wow, I really this color. I don’t have an exact match , but many that come close! It’s one of my favorite colors for my toes in summer!
Compared here are, from left to right:  
H&M No Mambo Jumbo – Cult Nails Let me Fly -p2 funky – SOPI Who let the dorks out? – Catrice San Francisco – Maybelline Shocking Seas – essence life is a free ride – SOPI Skinny Jeans –  OPI Teal the Cows come home – essence shopping @ Portobello Road – Catrice Birds Flying High – YSL La Lacque 137 – Illamasqua Muse – essence bonnie – Catrice No Snow Petrol -blue comparison

 So, what do you say?

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4 thoughts on “essence TR Snow Jam

  1. Ich finde ja den zweiten Lack am schönsten, ich bin ein kleiner Blau Freak. Finde die vergleiche toll, mir passiert das auch oft das ich denke das hab ich schon 100x gesehen aber im Endeffekt hat man doch nichts vergleichbares zuhause

  2. Goofy Blue rocks, every time I’m in dm I take the bottle into my hands :) I guess I’ll buy it in the end.. The white one looks great too, but I keep reading about its tricky formula.. also nein danke :)

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