Makeup Factory 512_girly bits stormy skies_5

Pure Street Magic

Today I’ll show you a polish that I thought looked fairly boring in the bottle, but it’s actually one of the most amazing and sparkly things I’ve seen!

I started off with two coats of Make Up Factory 512, a brand you can find at Müller. They are about EUR 10,- so I never bothered to pick up one, because the colors never looked worth it. I found this olive green with a hint of golden shimmer on clearance, so I tried it out. Verdict: It’s alright. If I find some truly great colors, I think they’d be worth the EUR 10,-.Makeup Factory 512_1

Then my genius self decided to layer Girly Bits Street Magic over it. Oh my, that is amazing, and I don’t even care for duochromes (I’m boring, I know). The green sparkle just won me over in a heartbeat.Makeup Factory 512_girly bits stormy skies_1

I have tried working with color shifting pigments, but I just mix polishes for fun. This one on the other hand shows how much time Pam from Girly Bits must have invested in her polishes, because it’s amazing.Makeup Factory 512_girly bits stormy skies_2

Why is it amazing? The formula is great. The polish is easy to apply, dries quickly and to my beloved glass-like look. Makeup Factory 512_girly bits stormy skies_3

I used only one coat of Street Magic over Make Up Factory 512, and the results are great. This picture below is my favorite!Makeup Factory 512_girly bits stormy skies_4 Makeup Factory 512_girly bits stormy skies_5


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