HEMA 826_6

How I wore it: HEMA 826

There are so many different nail polish brands and especially drugstore nail polish brands, that a real great find is something to be happy about. When I found HEMA 826, I was blown off my feet!HEMA 826_3

HEMA 826 is a pink nail polish, packed with holographic glitter. It dries so glossy that it looks as if it was glass on your nails. I was very impressed I have to admit!HEMA 826_4

This is how it looks like in sunlight. It was only EUR 2,5 and it is so awesome! Sometimes great stuff comes cheap. (<– wise saying of the year) And in case you assume it wears bad: it doesn’t. I had no tip wear whatsoever, and when in India, I eat with my hands too, hence I wash them a lot, plus a lot of traveling: still no tip wear. Great stuff!HEMA 826_6

I bought this polish in Amsterdam when our flight to India was delayed (what else to do, obviously), and I immediately put it on. Actually, I wore it three times on that holiday, that’s how much I like it!HEMA 826_1

Well, we were at the beach, and there was a tiny dead fish, and we thought it’d be fun to make a picture with it (not overly trying to be morbid here). So, as you all requested and always wanted to see: A nail polish picture with a dead fish.HEMA 826_2

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