half moon cult nails iconic_dior diorling_NOPI_2

Iconic half-moon manicure

Juuuust a quick post today. I wanted to show you a manicure I did for a special occasion, but I forgot which one. It wasn’t Christmas or New Year’s, I remember that much… see what to many free days and overly much relaxing time do to us…!
I started off with two coats of Diorling, one of the polishes from the Dior Winter Edition (Grand Bal). Diorling is mostly a golden polish, but it has some lighter golden and copper specks within, and it is a unique gold polish in my collection. Believe me, I have quite some gold polishes – I just love them all too much!

Diorling applied just fine. There’s nothing special to say about that, so one can concentrate on its beauty. If you even remotely like gold, and you have any chance to get this one still, do. Disregard the fact that the bottle looks like a weird mushroom. Disregard that it is surprisingly expensive. Just know that Dior does the best nuances of gold I’ve seen so far. half moon cult nails iconic_dior diorling_NOPI_1

I wanted to try half-moons for longer now, so I painted them with Cult Nails Iconic, which is a deep red filled with flakes, hence it’s as if it was made to pair with Diorling (ha.ha.ha. on that word-joke btw). On my ring finger I decided to apply some gold glitter from Nicole by OPI, which is a fairly boring yellow gold glitter, but I ought to have at least one such glitter in my collection, and this one applied best. half moon cult nails iconic_dior diorling_NOPI_2

All in all I like the – manicure, but free handing it is difficult. I tried it with half a ring sticker, but that didn’t work for me either. I guess practise is the key!

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