Worst polishes of 2012

While everybody else is out there praising their 2012  favourites, I decided to give you a random list of “worsts”! The main reason for this is that there are too many polishes I liked in 2012, and the other reason is that I enjoy being mean sometimes – and this will give me the perfect opportunity. You can disagree with me and let me know which polishes you didn’t like this year!

As a general info: Worst of 2012 refers to polishes I wore in 2012, not necessarily ones that were brought out in 2012. Let’s get started!

Pretty much everything from the Catrice Hidden World LE. brown, salmon and frosty white – no thank you!Catrice Hidden World_Wood You Follow Me

 OPI Play the Peonies. Okay, so I liked Chanel Attraction, but this is also more pink. Frosty, white-ish pink. Brrr.OPI Play the Peonies (1)

Revlon Mint Gelato. Sheer dusty turquoise, unbearable smell (and I love mint!): overall performance could not convince (that was very diplomatic).Revlon Mint Gelato1

I like the idea of  NYX Precious Gems, but the execution lacks… skills? experience? love? ideas? Well, you pick.zoya marley_NYX precious gems1

Models Own Dusty Mauve - they name already gives this one away. Not much I can say or do that will make it cry harder.Models Own Dusty Mauve2

It pains me to say it, but Orly Artificial Sweetener only looks good in the bottle. I gave it chance after chance, but it just looks yuck on me. Even though it is pink!Orly Artificial Sweetener_unnamed franken2

essence Rebel Topcoat in Punk Royal  (and Catrice No smoke without fire): jelly black doesn’t work. AT ALL. Even if it has glitter in it. Ooooh I think these two might win the ugliest of ugly award.  Looks like black snot or slime over my nails! *shudders*essence rebel delight punk royal

OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes. This is not a decent or elegant version of brown, this is ugly. Same goes for Nubar Charmeuse -  just because Nubar makes it a bit more difficult to call this plain brown, it is freakishly boring (and ugly). And, a bit more mauve but still too brown for me: OPI Mauving to Manitoba. OPI Gouda Gouda Two Shoes

Glitter Gal Flawless Pink is everything but flawless. At least it’s holographic, but it’s definitely not flawless (and, to be honest, it’s not much pink either).glitter gal flawless pink1

MAC Style Clan - poop brown with orange glitter – it can’t get much worse. Oh, wait! Short nails make it look extra bad. I don’t even want to start telling you what I think this looks like.MAC Style Clan (3)

Jessica Glitterati - great idea, but such a failure. I pretty much hated how it looked like on the nail. The only thing left to say is, WHY?!OPI Just spotted the lizzard_Jessica Glitterati_2

GOSH Ocean. Eeeeuh. It’s too much of everything. Too many brush strokes, too much color, too much, just too much. GOSH Ocean (1)

Barielle Out-grey-geous. Can’t even deal with this after I stamped over it. It’s completely boring and unfitting, and then, why the many “-” in the name? Barielle Out-grey-geous_stampet wnw I need a refresh-mint (2)

I thought I’d never have complaints about yellow polish, but Nicole by OPI Yellow it’s me changed my mind. I tried it alone, over white, over yellow – the orange/red glow in it just ruins it for me, apart from it being so sheer. In the same area is essence peach beauty (fruity TE) – I mean come on, patchy, sheer orange? Hell no! There’s no excuse for sheer yellow nail polish. Polish makers of the world, unite, and fight against this nuisance! NOPI Yellow it's me (1)

The extra awards for horrible application go to Face of Australia Verdigris (bubbles in metallic, streaky military green) and Sinful Colors Cinderella (patchy shimmery light blue, impossible to make opaque without it looking as if it ran down your tips).face of australia verdigris (1)

I wish you all a great New Year’s Eve and a good start into the new year. Hope your hangovers won’t be too bad, and that you all have someone to kiss at midnight.

14 thoughts on “Worst polishes of 2012

  1. It always feels good to get some snark out, and those are some ugly polishes! Only one I think I disagree with is the Jessica polish, I’ve never seen it in real life, but is it really that bad?

  2. I agree with most all of your observations, however I absolutly loved the GOSH Ocean! Such a pretty color! I think it looks pretty on you!

  3. What a great idea!!! So much more fun than to read endless “best of 2012″ lists!! I will join you in being mean, and say that my worst of your worst are MAC Style Clan (you are being very kind naming it just poop, lol), Models Own Dusty Mauve (poop with shimmer, I’d say), same for Catrice Hidden World :) Essence Rebel is just superweird, and lastly, I’m surprised to see Glitter Gal in this list!!! I always thought they were of a decent quality.. :{

  4. I really, sincerely think that opi gouda gouda is not at all brown?? It is dark pink-ish mauve, and is quite flattering (although the colour is not so interesting).

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