Sunday Spam: Flakes!

This sunday SPAM is dedicated to flakes, or flakies. I never know which one is right. Anyhow, flakes in polishes that make the nail polishes look etherial and awesome and iridescent. I love looking at them (but to be honest, I don’t like wearing them all too much)!

Mohda Mix Balada – multicolored flakes in a sheer base. Very very awesome, and I prefer them over pink and red (as opposed to black)! The base color is barry M shocking pink.barry M_Mohda Mix Balada_1barry M_Mohda Mix Balada_2

Even though this is not a duochrome/color shifting flake polish, I think it fits best here: essie As Gold As It Gets. It’s a topcoat, clear base, packed with golden specks or flakes. I used one coat over bb Couture Lazy Bum, which is a brown with shimmer (I’ll show you the base color on it’s own some other time).BB Couture Lazy Bum_essie as gold as it gets_2BB Couture Lazy Bum_essie as gold as it gets_1

Nfu Oh is the brand that started the flake hype. They produce a range of differently colored flakes in slightly tinted bases. This particular one is number 50, blue flakes in a purple base. I used one coat over funky fingers Queen Cupcake. funky fingers queen cupcake_nfuoh 50_1

Nails Inc. it girl is a very simple and easy to match flake polish; it consists of blue flakes in a sheer base. I layered one coat over Nubar Geisha Blaze (a blue-toned pink).Nubar Geisha BLaze_Nails inc it girl_1 Nubar Geisha BLaze_Nails inc it girl_2

Nfu Oh (again! told you they know the stuff) 49 over OPI I’m Indi-a Mood for Love. The picture below shows the manicure mattified – flakes mattified look pretty awesome too, I think.OPI I'm Indi-a mood for love_NfuOh 49_matte (1) OPI I'm Indi-a mood for love_NfuOh 49_matte (2)

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5 responses to “Sunday Spam: Flakes!

  1. Mattified is my favourite way to wear flakies, but I dread the removal time, even with foil.

  2. Finde die erste Variante eigentlich total schön, nur irgendwie sind Flakies und ich noch nicht so richtige Freunde geworden, obwohl es eine schöne alternative zu dem ewigen Glitzerzeug ist. Funky Fingers Cream Cupcake ist übrigens eine tolle Farbe <3<3

  3. These are so nice!!! I’m going to try to look for flake polishes now!

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