MAC Ascencion_4

Duochrome trip to heaven

Today  I’m showing you a nail polish I had for a longer time. I bought it when it came out but never wore it – it’s one of those that look awesome in the bottle, but I was afraid it’d let me down after the application.MAC Ascencion_1

In the end, all the doubts were unnecessary. MAC Ascension (Gareth Pugh LE) was  perfect. I used two coats over some purple I think, but I forgot which one. MAC Ascencion_2The duochrome effect on this is so strong, even in my lightbox, it actually annoyed me and diverted me from work! So all you duochrome lovers out there, you’ll love this.MAC Ascencion_3 It shifts mostly from green to a nice plum purple, but at extremer angles, you can see some gold shimmer too. MAC Ascencion_4

PS: The word “joke”in the title is lame, I know. I have less funny days too… :)

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