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How I wore it: Sephora My favourite Jeans

Soooooo today is a post to remember the good times one has in summer, when one has vacation… One was in Amsterdam, and one went to the beach in Ijmuiden (which is nominated for the ugliest village name).

One is me, obviously, and I was wearing Sephora My favourite Jeans which is a royal blue jelly/creme polish. It is super glossy, and covers in two coats.Sephora_My favourite Jeans1 (1)

Jelly/Creme hybrids don’t fully cover like cremes do, but instead they dry so glossy and squishy-looking, that one doesn’t mind.Sephora_My favourite Jeans1

Dutch beaches aren’t beach beaches, they’re more enjoyable for a walk than for a swim. Mainly, because it is usually terribly cold in summer, or it rains. There may be semi-warm days, but it doesn’t really get hot – or at least never, when one is there. :)
Sephora_My favourite Jeans3

That day was especially windy and cold for a summer day (it was July…), so we decided to only take a short walk. There were so many seagulls around, it was as if I was Nemo… but they were mainly after a little girl, who was barely taller than the seagulls. It was funny to watch, but the poor little girl got frightened, and rescued by her family.Sephora_My favourite Jeans4 (1)

So why visit the beach in the Netherlands? Well, there are many really cute little cafes and restaurants at the seaside. The seafood is obviously delicious too, and also, we saw a couple of impressive thunderstorms.Sephora_My favourite Jeans5

I was wearing black pointy ballerinas from The Gap, turquoise pants from Uniqlo, white shirt from Uniqlo too. The cardigan is from H&M, but it started to dissolve, so it is no longer mine.Sephora_My favourite Jeans7 (1)

So, do you like beaches even if the weather doesn’t allow you to swim?

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5 thoughts on “How I wore it: Sephora My favourite Jeans

  1. You should see Scheveningen beach on a hot summer day ;) Seems like the entire country is there! ;) haha..
    Nice color :) perfect for a day at the beach.

  2. I had the opportunity to visit Schevenngen in July and the water was bloody cold even it was very hot day. Definitely not beach for swimming, but for everything else it;s just fine – vast and peaceful. Love your nails there, perfect for seaside.

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