Catrice Soulful_Gold Leaf Topcoat_

Catrice LE SpectaculART

I”m a bit behind with all the new LE and TEs that Catrice and essence are releasing, but please enjoy my pictures of this new LE from Catrice called SpectaculART.

This is Artfully Lustrous. It’s a color difficult to describe. Let me try. It is sheer, it is shimmery-on-the-edge-of-frosty, it is peachy but also beige. Sounds ravishing, no? (…!) I used only 4 coats for the pictures.
catrice artfully lustrous

It gets a bit better though. Oh, I forgot to mention that this LE has the most unite theme ever, not at all copied from Chanel. Guess what it is? Bombay meets Paris.
Holi Hai is a pink creme. It’s solid, it dried very fast (no sarcasm!), which is something I love about the Catrice polishes. I used two coats, no topcoat.Catrice Holi Hai_1

Holi Hai topped with the Gold Leaf Topcoat. That is, although maybe not the most unique mix of gold glitters, the highlight of this LE when it comes to polishes. Everyone can use a good golden glitter topcoat if you ask me! (1 coat)Catrice Holi Hai_Gold Leaf Topcoat_1

Revel the Red is not really red. It’s more of a red/pink mix. It’s again a creme polish, also, very solid color, solid application. If you look for something truly basic, get this. 2 coats.Catrice Revel the Red_1

1 coat of the Gold Leaf Topcoat makes Revel the Red much more interesting. Catrice Revel the Red_Gold Leaf Topcoat

This is my personal favorite. Soulful is a berry pink shimmer polish, but the shimmer is golden, so it looks very rich and elegant. It’s a bit of Illamasqua Charisma for the poor or frugal. Make your pick. The shimmer doesn’t transfer on the nail as much as I would like it to, but it still adds great depth and elegance to this polish. Hands down my favorite, even though maybe in the public’s opinion not the highlight of the LE (for highlight, see my thoughts about the Gold Leaf topcoat above).Catrice Soulful_1

And with one coat of the Gold Leaf Topcoat.Catrice Soulful_Gold Leaf Topcoat_

What do you think about this LE? Let me know!

PS: None of these products were sent to me. Why? I don’t know!

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