claires sandart_china glaze oxidized aqua_2

Oxidized Sandart


Whenever I get nail mail and I find something super exciting in there, I swatch it on a nailwheel, catalogue it and then put it in my nail polish storage so I can wear it at a later, more special, occasion. Instead, I wear the polishes that I’m not sure about – does this fit me, does it match my clothes, etc, etc. That is, I realised, one of the most stupid things to do. I should just wear the polishes I know I love right away!claires sandart_2

Thing is, that the polishes I “keep for later” eventually end up in the “I’m insecure about you” pile, so that in effect, the snake bites it’s own tail and the circle is complete. Exactly what I described happened to poor old Claire’s polish in Sandart. Luckily my second assessment was just as the first one, and it is absolutely a keeper. It dries matte, but it looks sweet with topcoat too – the holographic glitter in the polish is very fine, but ensures that the polish will sparkle when you least expect it.claires sandart_4

I had no time for nail art when I wore this, but I felt like doing something. First I thought of putting Crackle polish all over, but then I decidede not to, and eventually this is what I ended up with (no topcoat in this picture):claires sandart_china glaze oxidized aqua_1

I used  China Glaze Oxidized Aqua, which on me mostly looks like a somewhat darker periwinkle or metallic blueberry… I had the best success with the China Glaze crackles so far – the OPI ones have failed me. The depend ones work for me too, and of course the KIKO ones, but none as good as the ones from China Glaze. tmi, right….claires sandart_china glaze oxidized aqua_2

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