How I wore it: KIKO 600 Light Yellow


Just a quick How I wore it post for you today!

I found these pictures neatly stacked away in the back of my computer, but they are still made in Paris, so I decided to show them to you. (Eiffel Tower in the background!) 

I was wearing KIKO 600 Light Yellow, which is a crackle topcoat, over a grey-blue nail polish. I think it’s this one from Rituals, but I didn’t write it down and I can’t remember.

It may be that crackles and shatters stopped being in but then, Vintage is in too at the moment, and I refuse to wear my grandmother’s curtains. So, I stand by my unfashionable choice.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The pictures were made in the Jardin du Luxembourg, which is a very nice parc in Paris. If you’re there, take a stroll through the parc and try to find the Statue of Liberty (one of five in Paris).OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

I’m wearing pants and blouse from UNIQLO, shoes from Yellow Mellow. If I remember right, the ring says “Caroline” and is from my other M.-swap friend – it’s a mood ring, pretty oldschoolcool, huh?!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

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