IsaDora Persian Princess 745_different dimension that is so fetch_31

New in: different dimensions

Look at that – I got asked to review some nail polishes for you by Missy, owner and creator of DIFFERENT Dimension. You can find DIFFERENT Dimension on Facebook and of course on etsy.

I had troubles deciding which one of the polishes I liked best. The selection Missy sent me is very diverse, making it even harder! Let’s just start, I’d say. Let me know your favourites – drop me a comment!

that is so fetch! is a mix of purple and blue glitters – you can find all shapes of glitters in there, squares, circles, hexagons,… they come in so many different sizes too!IsaDora Persian Princess 745_different dimension that is so fetch_4 You all know that I’m not big on purple, but I can actually seeing myself wearing this fun mix of glitters. I used one coat only (over IsaDora Persian Princess) – coverage was great, the glitters stayed flat on the nail, all perfect.IsaDora Persian Princess 745_different dimension that is so fetch_3

I lovelovelove how there are some iridiscent glitters in this mix, lightening the polish below.IsaDora Persian Princess 745_different dimension that is so fetch_5


Close-up for the macro-shot lovers among you:IsaDora Persian Princess 745_different dimension that is so fetch_31

Well – that was quite a start, right? The next polish I picked is …more. The heart glitters were calling out to me!essie wheres my chauffeur_different dimension more_4

What I loved is that it isn’t only heart glitters in this polish, but also small pink and small red glitters and a whole bunch of iridiscent glitters!essie wheres my chauffeur_different dimension more_3

I usually layer glitters over corresponding base colors, and end up not liking it, so I decided to layer …more over essie where’s my chauffeur?. I had no problems with the heart glitters – of course I had to dig around a bit, but let’s be honest, that’s always the case with larger glitters, they’re just a bit too heavy I guess. essie wheres my chauffeur_different dimension more_2

Close-up!essie wheres my chauffeur_different dimension more_21

Last for this post is Sparkles like Edward.

I like the name of the polish, although if one finds the name of the polish funny, one has to admit that one has at least heard about twilight, which is a bit embarrasing…. Well, at least if you’re like me and didn’t get the hype for either movie or book. I won’t get into details here, but let me just say I adored Kristen Stewards acting skills. She should be called the lady of the thousand faces.deborah lippmann believe_different dimension sparkles like edward_3

Sparkles like Edward (over deborah lippmann believe) is a milky white polish with a pink flash and of course, massive amounts of small round glitters. They come in all colors – yellow/gold, pink, purple and blue. I used two coats to get the jelly sandwich look, but over a base color you’ll be fine with one coat too. I picked a base color to save polish as my bottle is a mini!deborah lippmann believe_different dimension sparkles like edward_31

Which one did you like best? Do you know different dimension? Have you tried any of their polishes?




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