NOPI Best Pink Ever_6

Best Pink Ever at the beach


Today I have a special post for you!

If you read what I write and not only look at the pictures, you might have read that I spent my vacation in India. This time I went to a couple of places in Goa. I will not tell you at which beach I made these pictures, because I want it to stay deserted – I can be egoistic sometimes. I prefer to call it ‘being protective’ though.
Back to the polish: This is Best Pink Ever by Nicole by OPI. It is not, just in case you were wondering. I have a slight hunch that this is a marketing strategy.

There is a best in this post though, and it is the beach. I haven’t had a real beach vacation in so long, I was looking forward to it overly much. Real beach vacation equals white sand, luxurious hotel, great sundowns and cocktails. Oh yeah, and the sea of course. Luckily, all that was present (with a little minus on the cocktails – they tried, but failed terribly), so the next vacation I’ll take doesn’t necessarily need to include a beach. NOPI Best Pink Ever_6

I took only a couple of nail polishes with me, mostly because we were travelling a lot, and I knew I wouldn’t have time to change my nail polish a lot. I picked Best Pink Ever because it is pink, and I love pink, and also because the NOPI bottles, ugly as they are, seem to be quite sturdy.NOPI Best Pink Ever_2

Best Pink Ever is a slight duochrome (don’t look for it if you have glasses, it is very hidden). It is also a bit sheer, so I ended up using three coats.NOPI Best Pink Ever_4

When I was taking pictures, most of the people around thought I was crazy. Generally speaking, people take fun vacation fotos of say, the beach, themselves, sand, footprints in the sand, sundown, etc. It is still very uncommon to bring nail polish to the beach and above that, to be so impertinent to even take pictures of said nail polish! Unbelieveable!NOPI Best Pink Ever_3

I hope I didn’t make you too jealous. If so, you might not want to read my next How I wore it post.

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