Beautyfleamarket Vienna / Beautyflohmarkt Wien

Dear Readers,

while you thought I was only polishing my nails, I actually got busy! :)
Claudia, Jen, Mirela and I got together and organized a re-vamped Beauty Fleamarket. This will be the third edition of the fleamarket, which was a great success so far, but as it always is, this time it will be bigger, better and more glamorous!

The important data first:
Date: 08. December 2012, from 18:00 onwards
Location: Dschungel-Deli Wien, im MQ, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien.
More info: on the blog, on facebook or the facebook-event.
Questions to:

What can you expect?
There will be 20+ sellers of beauty products. You’ll be able to find long-lost LE’s, hard-to-find products (I’ll only say MAC LE…!), barely used nail polish, and many more.
Additionally, the Box will grace us with their presence – how cool is that! I’ll totally have my picture taken! Thanks to the Dschungel-Deli, we’ll be able to offer you Punsch for 2,5 € only. I think that’s the cheapest Punsch in the city – definitely in the MQ! Yay for Punsch!
You can still email us and get a spot in one of the Workshops – this time we’re able to offer a Nailart and a Nail Care workshop. Details on our blog!
The absolute best part in my opinion are the Goodie-Bags. Thanks to Wienerin, Nägele & Strubell, Jessica Cosmetics, Zalando, Lush, Nivea, Inglot, L’Oréal and Coty Prestige we’ll be able to bring you the most amazing Goodie-Bags! You’ll have a chance to win them every hour.

I hope I’ll see you on the 8th of December!


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