Beautyfleamarket Vienna / Beautyflohmarkt Wien

Dear Readers,

while you thought I was only polishing my nails, I actually got busy! :)
Claudia, Jen, Mirela and I got together and organized a re-vamped Beauty Fleamarket. This will be the third edition of the fleamarket, which was a great success so far, but as it always is, this time it will be bigger, better and more glamorous!

The important data first:
Date: 08. December 2012, from 18:00 onwards
Location: Dschungel-Deli Wien, im MQ, Museumsplatz 1, 1070 Wien.
More info: on the blog, on facebook or the facebook-event.
Questions to:

What can you expect?
There will be 20+ sellers of beauty products. You’ll be able to find long-lost LE’s, hard-to-find products (I’ll only say MAC LE…!), barely used nail polish, and many more.
Additionally, the Box will grace us with their presence – how cool is that! I’ll totally have my picture taken! Thanks to the Dschungel-Deli, we’ll be able to offer you Punsch for 2,5 € only. I think that’s the cheapest Punsch in the city – definitely in the MQ! Yay for Punsch!
You can still email us and get a spot in one of the Workshops – this time we’re able to offer a Nailart and a Nail Care workshop. Details on our blog!
The absolute best part in my opinion are the Goodie-Bags. Thanks to Wienerin, Nägele & Strubell, Jessica Cosmetics, Zalando, Lush, Nivea, Inglot, L’Oréal and Coty Prestige we’ll be able to bring you the most amazing Goodie-Bags! You’ll have a chance to win them every hour.

I hope I’ll see you on the 8th of December!


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4 responses to “Beautyfleamarket Vienna / Beautyflohmarkt Wien

  1. Such an interesting idea. I wish you to have great time, find awesome stuff and show us photos and impressions of the whole event.

  2. Oh my, why don’t we have such events here in Germany :( I would so much love to attend!! :)

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