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The Prize of very cranberry

It has been to long since I showed you a Nubar polish, so today I have one for you!

I started this manicure with two coats of essie very cranberry. It is one of these essie shades that I can’t decide on – do I like it or does it bore the cranberries out of me? The shade itself is very close to the color of a cranberry, maybe a bit lighter. The intense silver shimmer that is visible in the bottle merely transfers to the nail as a silver hue.

Over this, I decided to layer Nubar Prize. Prize is a jelly red polish, similar in color to very cranberry. I tried before to wear it on its own, but it never really looks opaque, because it is too sheer. Instead, I wore one coat over the essie polish, and that looks much better. Prize is not only a red jelly as you can see, but also it is packed with holographic glitters – small round ones and bigger hexagonal ones. They shimmer so beautifully different, depending on how the light hits them, and add great sparkle to this manicure.

Do you like very cranberry? And what about Prize, holographic glitter in a red jelly base – yay or nay?

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