Orly Kiss the bride_Man Glaze Mayo7

Pink Wednesday: Subtle Stamping

Today I have just a simple manicure for you. I felt like a pure, simple manicure inbetween strong colors, so I opted for Orly Kiss the Bride, which is a very whitened pastel pink creme. I used three coats, as I had some issues with it – it didn’t want to level out properly.

On my ringfinger I applied two coats of ManGlaze Mayo, which is a white matte polish with awesome shimmer. The shimmer is most visible if one applies topcoat, but I wanted to wear it matte. It’s a bit chalky, but worth it!

I decided that this was perfect for some stamping, so I used the sally hansen quick dry nail art many more words to describe this simple nail polish pen in metallic pink and an image from the DRK-A plate. On the ringfinger I used the silver pen. Photographing this was somewhat extremely difficult, as the stamping image reflected the light too much. I have since changed my camera settings on my path to the perfect light settings – I might have to recreate this manicure, because I love how soft and sweet it looks, and then I’ll try making better pics.

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