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Man Hunt with a Laser

China Glaze Manhunt – one of those polishes I can’t recapitulate why they were on my wishlist. It’s a medium blue cobalt creme polish, one of those I adore to look at, but I will never really wear. I love blue, don’t get me wrong, just not so much on my fingernails. I love wearing blue on my toenails, but there are only so many blues I can wear on my toes… Well, as I already had it, I decided to wear it at least once. I used two coats, and I must say the formula is superb. It dries quickly, covers in two coats and levels out smoothly. 

Of course I couldn’t leave it at that, and I decided to layer Sally Hansen HD Laser over it. Laser is a rather sheer polish by itself, so it needed a base color. The color shift in Laser is gorgeous – from blue to purple and at awkward angles even to green.

I snapped two pictures of the polish underwater. I don’t remember who had this great idea, but if you know, will you drop me a link in the comments? It’s a genius idea, that’s for sure. I mean, check out the awesome duochromity (new word alert!)!!

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