Greta and the Fantasy Fire

Just so you can prepare: This is going to be a long post.

First up, another OPI Germany Collection polish: Unfor-Grety-bly blue.

My camera hated this blue. It’s a medium blue with a shimmer finish. I used two coats, it didn’t stain (huuuuge plus!), but it isn’t really my cup of tea.  

So. There I was, wearing a blue that didn’t do anything for me. Logical next step: layer something over - Max Factor Fantasy Fire

It’s nice in the lightbox, but the real magic happens in daylight. And this is why this post is so long: I couldn’t show you less pictures. I don’t like the gifs, because I always want to stop the picture from moving, as I want to take in every detail of the holographic polish or the shift from duochromes, so I’m making you scroll through the pictures.

Looks awesome, right???

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8 responses to “Greta and the Fantasy Fire

  1. It looks adorable with Fantasy Fire over it.

  2. I heart Fantasy Fire, not often something available in the UK can compete with US polishes!

  3. I love the combo! Did you happen to get Every Month Is Oktoberfest? I wonder how FF would look over that!

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