SOPI Miss Bossy Pants (1)

Sunday Spam – Pinks, Pinks, Pinks!

Sunday! Day of peace and quiet and the Sunday Spam! Leave me a comment and tell me which polish you like best… I’m nosy, I want to know!

Nicole by OPI You’re an angel is a super gorgeous coral glassfleck, which amazes be because of the golden hue. Unfortunately for me, coral makes my hands look weird, but I couldn’t resist this anyhow. Three coats, it it a bit on the sheer side.

Sephora by OPI Miss Bossy Pants is from the Glee Collection – it’s a mini, so I was a bit reluctanct to wear it – SOPI minis really are mini. I liked wearing it, but it is not unique in my stash – think OPI Pompeii Purple for example. 2 coats.

OPI Strawberry Margerita is one of my oldest and dearly beloved-st pinks. It dries super glossy, is vibrant, happy and easy to apply. 2 coats.

OPI Let me entertain you – 3 coats – is a blue based glassfleck pink. As it is a glassfleck, it looks deep and glossy – sparkly in sunlight – but somehow we didn’t totally click. I had to wear it a couple of times to find out, but eventually, I didn’t want to be entertained.

OPI I’m Indi-a Mood for Love is another one of my “old” pinks – it’s from the India Collection, where from I love all the polishes, and it’s a blue based pink creme, which fits me very well. Two coats, and if you don’t have a standard pink creme, get this one. Period.

OPI Houston we have a Purple isn’t purple. I don’t know why it would be names purple… anyhow, this is a jelly (OPI calls them “sorbets”) in a gorgous deep pink (I’d say it’s a lighter raspberry pink). Three coats and look how glossy it is!!

OPI Be a Dahlia won’t you? is another blue toned glassfleck pink. The blue/silverish hue is more present in this one than in Let me Entertain you. If you search for a picture of a Dahlia, you’ll find that this is just a tad darker than the flower. 2 coats.

Which one is your favourite?

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