catrice big city life shanghai

Catrice Big City Life LE

Catrice came out with a second edition of the oh-so-famous Big City Life LE, which was released last year around the same time.

This time, Catrice picked 3 cities: Paris, San Francisco and Shanghai. I didn’t buy any of the  make-up palettes, as I’m not one of the palette collectors – small bathroom! :)

Paris – does this remind you of something? Well, it reminds me of every other sheer pink. I can’t even really advise you to buy this if you still need a color like this, as this required three fat coats, and it isn’t even all that shimmery. The shimmer in the bottle would have made up for the boring color, but it didn’t transfer onto the nail. I’m giving this one a pass!

San Francisco. Now we’re talking! Gorgeous petrol with shimmer that adds depth and transfers onto the nail. Nothing much to add, except for: Grab your bottle while you can! This was one coat (!!).

Shanghai – a streaky gold, but this one is cooler toned than the one from the essence Twilight2 LE (see yesterdays post for that!). I like it, but this particular shade of gold is everything but unique. 2 coats.

Did you buy anything?

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3 thoughts on “Catrice Big City Life LE

  1. ich fand paris ganz nett im flascherl, aber jetzt wo ichs so seh, najaaaaa. ich hab aus der LE nix mitgenommen. die palette waren zwar alle nett. aber viel zu teuer wie ich finde und die lacke hatten einfach nicht meine farben.

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