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essence twilight breaking dawn LE

To be honest, I couldn’t care less about a LE than one that is released because of a movie like Twilight. The only things I like about Twilight is it’s ridiculousness and the fact that if you say the word “twilight” really quickly, it sometimes sounds like “toilet”.

The one undeniable thing is though, that in my eyes, the only good thing about this Twilight **** is, that essence steps up their game and brings us awesome colors. See the last Vampire themed LE here.

A piece of foreverwill be the one least people like, as it is a warm yellow gold that dries streaky. I love colors like this, so it was a winner in my books! 2 coats.

Edward’s Love is a black polish filled with silver glitter particles. So to say the cheap version of Illamasqua Creato (and a tad less awesome). 2 coats.

Alice had a vision – again is a purple polish filled and filled with small glitters, which range from pink to green. It looks very dark in inderect light, but in my lightbox it really shines. If I’d wear purple, I’d love this to bits! 2 coats.

Jacob’s protection is the blue version of Alice had a vision-again. You can see all the awesome glitter in the bottle, but it transfers on the nails just fine too. No issues with this one, definitely a must-have! 2 coats.

Did you like any?

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