OPI German-icure by OPI_MASH44_3

Leaves in Germany

I have already told you how I feel towards the OPI Germany Collection: Most of the colors are awesome, but all the names are embarrassing. Which is not really surprising, especially if you take a look at earlier collections with names such as “Miso happy for this color” which can be interpreted as almost hostile towards foreigners (making fun of a Japanese accent). I assume that none of this was meant to be this way, but the names are, in my opinion, borderline.

Luckily the names don’t magically imprint on the nails, so I resorted to people just telling it was a polish from the current OPI collection that I was wearing. Doesn’t work on the blog, so let me introduce you to German-icure by OPI, a shade from, surprise, OPI.

The shade is perfect for fall and winter. It’s a dark red leaning towards brown, with a metallic, uber-shiny look to it.

The formula was very good too, I used two coats and the polish dried quicker than usual for OPIs. Even though I am still resisting everything that looks brown, I enjoyed wearing this shade.

As it is such a good fall shade, it needed some leaves on top. Hence I reached for my MASH plate #44, which has a very appealing stamping design, which could also pass for an ear (you know, from cereal, not the thing left and right of your head).  That would also be appropriate for fall, so I didn’t feel the need to settle if it was an ear or a leave design.

For the stamping I reached for the sally hansen pens with the paragraph-long name again, this time in gold. I adore how this turned out. How about you?

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2 thoughts on “Leaves in Germany

  1. Oh, I love the stamping!! I must get plates with leaves on them, seriously, I love it!! And I completely agree with the names, O.P.I. goes too far in its attempt to be funny/witty/whatever. Usually they are just stupid.

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