Orly Artificial Sweetener_unnamed franken4

Pink Wednesday: Artificial Sweetener all glittered up

Orly is a brand I’m somewhat torn about. Some of their nail polishes are to die for, others are, well, plain.

Artificial Sweetener by Orly is one of the plain ones. It’s a somewhat stale creme pink, rather warm color.; I used two coats. I wanted to like it, because it looked very pretty in the bottle, but it doesn’t totally work for me. Until I realized that it doesn’t work for me, I needed to wear it twice. Actually, I have to wear all the polishes at least once until I can decide if I like the color on me or not – how do you try polishes out? If you have any suggestions to speed up the process, let me know!

To take the boring out of Artificial Sweetener (a somewhat very fitting name, if you ask me – it looks sweet and artificial, doesn’t iot?) I decided to paint my ringfinger nail in one of my frankens. It’s a shimmery white polish with a pink hue, filled with holographic, pink and white glitters. It covers in two coats (which you see here).

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