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How I wore it: The Sticks’n Stones Glitter Sandwich

Another outfit I wore in Paris! I had CoverBand Sticks’n  Stones with me, courtesy of my dear friend B.
Sticks’n Stones is a black and white glitter, which consists of bar glitter, square glitter, roound glitter… all kinds of shapes and sizes. It’s the cheaper and more accessible brother of the (in)famous lyndarella Connect the Dots.

I started off with two coats of American Apparel Echo Park. It’s a grey creme, nothing more to say about that. Then I added a coat of KIKO 234, which is a shimmery pink glassfleck. It can be worn on its own but it is much prettier over a creme polish. I swatched it over black too, and then it has a duochrome effect! Over Mouse, the KIKO added a subtle pink hue with shimmer.

Then I added a coat of Sticks’n Stones, and finally, I added a coat of HEMA Wetlook 04, which is a super sheer pink. I loved this jelly sandwich, as it added a bit of pink to my otherwise overly matching outfit.

The skirt was a Paris sale purchase (again, surprise, surprise. I’m a very frugal shopper) from GAP, the cardigan is from H&M, tights from Wolford (thanks mum!), the tshirt is from Use A Brand and the shoes are from GAP too.

The ring I’m wearing is from Marc Jacobs. It was ridiculously cheap and it says “inter nos” (between us) on there, which I think is incredibly funny as I’m wearing it on my middle finger, which literally is between all the other fingers. So, don’t say I can’t find joy in the little things!

Are you still enjoying the How I wore it posts?

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