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How I wore it: Rituals Sapphire Stone with dots

Beware of a long How I wore it post!

One fine day in July in Paris, I decided to wear Rituals Sapphire Stone. Rituals is a Dutch company, which produces luxury products which can be used in everyday routine. Their philosophy is to make everyday routines more meaningful, which they try to bring to you by producing high quality products, which are also not tested on animals. 

It sounds as if I was paid to write this, but honestly, I found their elaborate company statement on their website, and thought I’d let you know. Ever since I went into a Rituals store in Amsterdam some time back, I have been addicted to their shower gels and body lotions. And then recently I discovered that they also make nail polish, and I had to get Sapphire Stone. 
Sapphire Stone is a powder blue color, it has the slightest hint of shimmer in it. It’s a very calming color, and I have to say that I didn’t believe that the “ruby infusion” would make it last any longer than regular nail polish, but it did. It lasted well over three days without chipping, but it couldn’t withstand my need to change my nail polish color.

I felt like a bit funkier nails, so I decided to wildly add dots. For the dots I used Sephora Full Moon Party (purple), depend 251 (turquoise) and depend 221 (light blue).

The first three pictures were taken in the Tuileries, which is the garden in front of the Louvre. The other pictures were taken by the Canal de l’Ourcq, which is part of the Paris Plage in summer. Paris Plage is basically an event that brings you a beach to the city, at two locations, for well over a month. There is a beach along the Seine river, and then there’s one a bit further outside the center, at La Vilette. The latter is the one I went to.

I went there to picnic with friends, and we also had cupcakes from our favorite cupcake shop. I already posted other cupcakes here. We also had macaroons, obviously. One has to be cliché at least a bit every once in a while.

I didn’t like my dot design at first, but then I somehow grew to like it a lot. It’s a simple half moon design, one that I can easily do without being able to freehand half moons. Smart, huh? :P 
Before I forget, I was wearing pants from WE, t-shirt from GAP, shoes from Ruby Shoes, which is a small store in Paris, and a scarf from H&M. And a smile from my mum.
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