Revlon Mint Gelato2

How I wore it: Revlon Mint Gelato with glitter

Are you already totally in fall mood or are you enjoying the last sunny days before the leaves start turning red and yellow?

I definitely was in a summer mood a couple of days ago, so I decided to take out Revlon Mint Gelato and give it a spin.

Mint Gelato is a light teal jelly polish. I used two rather thick coats, but you can see that it looks patchy and it doesn’t fully cover. In turn, it looks super squishy. Unfortunately, this polish is scented, and it has a super artificial mint chocolate smell. I could have dealt with the application, but the smell was unbearable for me.


I decided to paint Sally Hansen Showgirl chic over the tips of my manicure. Showgirl chic is a very dense silver and blue glitter polish, that can be worn alone or over a base color.

Then I painted one coat of Milani Teal over the whole nail. Teal is a glitterpolish that has blue, teal and green glitters in a clear base. I used one coat over the Revlon and Sally Hansen manicure, and I liked this combination¬† a lot. It’s almost a gradient look, and it was easy to do and quick!


I paired this look with a teal jersey necklace from Cora Kemperman and matching earrings from H&M. I also wore jeans in boyfriend cut (Pepe Jeans) and a regular white t-shirt from Etam.

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