essence wild craft_rosewood hood

Essence Wild Craft LE

Another recent LE from essence was the one called Wild Craft. I managed to snatch up all four colors, so I can show them to you today.

All the colors are very warm and earthly colors, I think they’re good fall colors, but they would have worked for spring too I think. I used two coats for each of the polishes.

Tree Hugging is a medium to light brown creme, interspersed with a lot of tiny silver glitterflakes. The glitter is visible on the nail as a somewhat dreamy shimmer, making an otherwise flat polish look deep and soft.

Mystic Lilac is he only real fall color in this collection. It’s a dusky mix of purple and brown creme polish. I can picture a lot of people liking and wearing this but I have other preferences when it comes to autumn colors.

Out of the forest is a dull army green creme. It’s pretty much been there, done that, but if you hesitated until now and you want a camouflage green, the price is right on this one. It dries darker than it looks in the bottle, so don’t be surprised.

Rosewood Hood is a pink-toned beige nude polish. I liked the application (smooth, flawless), but I didn’t like the color on me. Personally, I prefer The Nude Scene.

After the Catrice Upper Wildside Collection, this essence collection made me yawn at best. What do you think?

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