catrice upper wild side_wild wild westside

Catrice Upper Wild Side LE

Let’s go directly in medias res, shall we? The Catrice Upper Wild Side LE was full of surprises for me.

First I thought, oh no, not another brown, but then this particular brown, Urban Outrider, has such a beautiful golden shimmer within, that I couldn’t help myself but wear it proudly for a day (baby steps!). 2 easy coats.

Hunting Heritage wasn’t that much of a surprise, it’s a medium blue creme. Easy application though and very shiny and smooth even without topcoat. 2 coats.

Wild Wild West-side was a big surprise. It’s a super vibrant orange suede! I don’t like many oranges (…) but this one is so vibrant and happy, I fell in love with it immediately! 2 coats, super quick drying time and no topcoat.

Be Aztec! was another surprise. It’s a medium (olive) green but there is an insane amount of gold shimmer in it. I absolutely adore greens with golden shimmer, so there was nothing not to like. The application also was flawless, so if you only even remotely like green, you should head out to get this!


Was there anything you liked?

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